Daisy Hicks is back with her brand new festive song 'Christmas Without You', hoping to get the whole nation in the mood for the celebratory period. As the daughter of legendary Tony Hicks and related to Chris Rea, responsible for huge Christmas hit 'Driving Home For Christmas', there were big expectations for Daisy's song and we're glad to say, she really delivers!

Written by Daisy with production from Tim Laws, Pete Craigie and Chris Harvey, 'Christmas Without You' is a perfectly-crafted new song that should be played in December for years to come, with 10% of all digital sales this year being donated straight to BBC's Children In Need.

We also got the chance to put some quickfire questions to Daisy all about the track, the Christmas period and more! Find out what she had to say below…

When did you really fall in love with the world of music?

I was very young when I decided that I wanted to be a singer, probably three or four years old. My father was a musician so I grew up around music and musicians all the time. That feeling of wanting to perform came early and has never left me.

What have been some of your biggest challenges within the industry to-date?

Getting my first record deal at 19 took a lot of effort. You have to be strong to take the rejections; the ups and downs constantly in the business. Unless you're prepared to take the rough with the smooth, you can't really keep going. That never changes, there are always some who likes what you are doing and always someone who will be critical. Finding a way to shrug the negative feedback off and to keep going is probably the hardest part. Once you accept that you should be able to handle this business.

How hard is it to make a name for yourself in this business?

Everything has changed so much in the past 12 years, from the old fashion record deal to reality TV shows to YouTube sensations - there really isn't any set formula to go by anymore. I think that's quite exciting for artists, you just have to have the tenacity to keep pushing forward and hope something will do well. Create something from the heart with high quality and you will find an audience somewhere.

Where do you draw your biggest influences or inspiration from for your material?

Most of my influences come from a mixture of my life and other people's lives or experiences or sometimes I just make it up. Writing songs is like telling a story so quite often it depends on my mood or feelings at that time. Even the weather can influence what you write.

How was the experience of filming your new music video for 'Christmas Without You'?

Videos are always hard work, you have to go over the same shot again and again and again to make sure you have the right take. Sometimes it's just a stray bit of hair or the light changes and you have to do the whole thing again. You want to look your best for all the shooting and you can film 15 hours of footage just to get that three minutes of video.

What do you think Christmas should all be about?

I love Christmas - it's such a magical feeling. I always get into the festivities early. Of course it can be a lonely time for people as well, so I always look at it as a time to extend the hand of friendship to bring people together. If I can help someone or change a moment in their life for the better, I will always try. I'm a big believer in the ripple effect - if someone is rude to you it can upset your day, but if someone is cheery and happy and inspiring, it brightens everything up.

How will you be spending your Christmas period?

I have a big family, so we always celebrate together. Lots of cooking and laughs for three days. I love to be in the kitchen helping my Mum and Aunty with all the prep. My husband likes to play the bartender and tends to double up on everyone's egg nogg so it's always a lovely time.

Do you have any plans set for your career in 2017?

I have a new single called 'French Café' coming out mid-January, so I will be working on that, then finishing off my album during the year and releasing tracks as I go. So, lots of time writing new songs, back in the studio, shooting new videos and photoshoots - it's never-ending. But when you hear one of your songs on the radio - it makes it all worth it.

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