RDB are back with their brand new track We Doin' It Big which features a never before seen collaboration of 34 of the world’s biggest Bhangra artists.

- Tell us a bit more about you new release...

We Doin It Big is a positive song aimed at all those people who feel that they have accomplished something in life. It can be from the smallest thing to a huge achievement, but this song makes you feel larger than life....simply put, it makes you feel BIG".

‘We Doin It Big’ features 34 of the UK’s biggest musical sensations, for a never before seen collaboration on one definitive track.

Talents include Harjog Singh, Jazzy B, Jassi Sidhu, Juggy D, Apachi Indian, PBN, DJ Sanj, Bups Sagu, Dr Zeus, Balwinder Safri, JK, Shin DCS, H Dhami, Jaz Dhami, OMG, UDN, Jind Mahi, Binder Pasla, Herbie Sahara, Surinder Rattern, Metz ‘n’ Trix, Panjabi MC, KE, Culture Shock, JD, DJ AK, Paul, Bunny, Tanvir Dholi, Rana, Baadshah, and The Frame Lab, who join forces with RDB.

- What inspired you to come out with this track?

After our loss with our eldest brother (Kuly) passing, we had an overwhelming amount of condolences and support from our UK Bhangra industry colleges, we therefore composed this track and shot a music video featuring cameo appearances from some of these top UK bhangra artist.

- How does it feel to win two prestigious awards at UK AMA Awards 2012?

AMA Awards are prestigious in UK music industry which is a benchmark for recognising and honouring musical talent.

We were the proud recipients of the Best Desi Act Award 2012 by public vote and Commitment to the Scene Award 2012 held at Wembley Arena in London.

We are really elated to have received these awards! It means a lot that our music has been recognised, not only by our loyal fans around the world and in the UK, but also by the British-Asian music industry which we shall always be a part of.

- You have been called the Indian version of Black Eyed Peas, right? How do you take that? Or rather, do you agree to that?

We’re humbled with the comparison to such a multi award winning, successful group. We do admire them for their incredible work and are hopeful to perhaps do a collaboration one day.

I suppose the cutting edge electronic music and simply being 3 guys and a girl would spark such a comparison.

- How do you think RDB has contributed to Britan’s Music Industry?

We started out over a decade ago as the dream of three Bradford brothers. Today, we feel blessed to still be doing what we love and to be working with such amazing people. We are truly honoured to have written, produced and sung with some truly talented musicians.

RDB is here to stay and will continue to go from strength to strength and this is only due to the support and well-wishes from our fans worldwide. We dedicate our awards to all our fans worldwide.

- Lastly, what’s next on your mind and on your platter? Tell us what’s in store?

We are trying to keep the 'hit makers' title alive by continuing our efforts in the Bollywood industry.

We count our blessings each day and are so grateful to the almighty and the undying love and support from our fans and well-wishers we are releasing more music than ever before.

The biggest single project that almost all of our efforts are on these days is our new double cd album.. Worldwide. it will feature literally our best music to date.