Bow Wow

Bow Wow

Rapperactor Bow Wow received a rude awakening in London on Thursday (19Jul12) after hotel staff stormed his suite and accused him of smoking in his room.

He adds, i moved i dont like problems im too calm and cool for a argument (sic)

The Like You hitmaker took to his page to air his complaints about the Park Plaza hotel in Westminster and accuse management personnel of race discrimination after they rapped on his door in the early hours.

Denying allegations he had been lighting up, he writes, "The Park plaza westminster hotel sucks. Dont (sic) ever stay there. They racist (sic). All these people smoking cigs (cigarettes) on my floor and they single me out... they woke me up out my sleep n (and) all... Kept knockn (knocking) on my door".

Bow Wow admits it's not the first bad experience he's had while staying at the Park Plaza "I had a problem w (with) this spot last time i was here they was hatin (hating) hard saying video game (sic) was too loud n (and) all that..".

However, the 25 year old refused to kick up a fuss about the allegations and chose instead to check out and head to another hotel nearby.

He adds, "i moved i dont like problems im too calm and cool for a argument (sic)".

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  1. by Jim 20th Jul 2012 19:06

    He is quite the douchebag.

  2. by chantal 20th Jul 2012 22:40

    Bulls!!! I have stayed there several times and so far so good! The view is amazing... Hello Big Ben!!!