Keith Urban is facing police questioning after a pap claims the singer 'banged and kicked' his car last week.

The star and his wife Nicole Kidman were leaving a restaurant in Nashville on Wednesday when a snapper called Williem Pieterson, tried to take some snaps of the couple.

Pieterson says Urban became angry and 'kicked' his car door in retaliation, propting the photographer to file a police report over the attack.

Don Aaron of the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department tells "Pieterson alleges that the couple got into their vehicle and pulled up to his vehicle in the wrong lane. Pieterson alleges that Urban yelled at him and banged on his window.

"Pieterson alleges that Urban got out and banged on Pieterson's car with his fist and kicked the rear passenger door.

"Police viewed the victim's door and observed that it was not damaged. The incident report bears the classification of intimidation. Follow up is being conducted to sort out the detail of this matter."