Loretta Lynn 'died' In Surgery.Country queen Loretta Lynn 'died' on the operating table, according to US reports.The beloved 71-year-old singer was being treated by surgeons after falling and breaking her shoulder at the beginning of the month (JUN06) when she passed away and had to be brought back to life, according to tabloid the National Enquirer.It's the latest news that has fans of the country great worried about her - she allegedly lay on the floor of the bedroom in her Tennessee home in pain for seven hours until she was discovered by her daughter CISSY.A family source tells the Enquirer, "No one heard her cries. She lay there for at least seven hours before her daughter Cissy came over and found her.Cissy was frantic and called an ambulance."When family members were called in after the surgery they were told, 'Loretta's OK - now!' "To their horror, they learned that she'd actually died on the operating table and the surgery had to be stopped. It was completed after she was resuscitated."The COAL MINER'S DAUGHTER singer is now recovering after the successful surgery on 8 June (06).

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