Missing jazz singer MADELEINE PEYROUX has been "found" with her manager in New York City after her record label hired a private detective to trace her. Universal located the American singer after she left the UK in secret following the success of her new album CARELESS LOVE in Europe - but they were promptly told she has no intention of doing any further promotion for the hit record.BILL HOLLAND of Universal Classics and Jazz says, "He said we should go away and leave her alone. She doesn't want to see anyone or do any promotion. "She's gone off - that's what she does and she won't come back." Peyroux's sudden departure from the UK adds to her history of erratic behaviour - she spent seven years busking in Paris following the release of debut album DREAMLAND in 1996. A Universal spokesman has confirmed the jazz singer's forthcoming tour - starting next month (SEP05) - will still go ahead as planned.

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