McFly are to release their new album on their own label.Following months of speculation, the band confirmed last Friday (16.05.08) that they were not renewing their contract with Universal and would instead be launching their own label.The band will release their as-yet untitled fifth album on July 21 and frontman Tom Fletcher has revealed details about three of the tracks. 'Do Ya' is described as McFly "doing what we do best - ballsy pop", with Tom adding: "I wanted to write a song that everyone could sing along to, something that was simple and easy to remember and required no effort or thought to listen to. The 22-year-old singer says 'Lies' is the darkest thing the band have ever done.Tom said: "A lot of our songs are nice lyrics about a girl who you love or has left you or a girl you want back, blah, blah, blah. When we wrote this song we knew it needed to be passionate and dark lyrically to fit the melody. We chose to write it about the most manipulative, deceitful, lying b***h in the world and it's basically saying: 'I hope she crashes her car and burns in hell!'"'One For The Radio' is abut the band's constant struggle for critical acceptance.The 'Star Girl' singer said: "Since McFly started we have had to constantly defend ourselves, trying to convince people that we write our own songs and play our instruments. Finally people know we can play, people know we write and people know the songs are great, so I think haters are running out of reasons not to like us. That is what this song is about."

The album was recorded in Australia and produced by Jason Perry.

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  1. by Lisa & Kate USA LOVES MCFLY! 21st May 2008 19:50

    SUPER article! So great to hear about the new music.
    OMYGOSH! Fans EVERYWHERE are FREAKING OUT, waiting until the NEW Mcfly CD release!!!! Mcfly has AwEsOmE music! Thanks to the guys ... Read More

  2. by Roberta Flack 21st May 2008 20:21

    I'm excited but what's with the 'people know the songs are great' comment lol? Some people genuinely don't like any McFly songs Tom :P Anyway, hope all goes well.

  3. by stephanie mexican mcfly fan 21st May 2008 21:29

    im sooo exited about the new songs and if you guys are launching your own label please please make sure it gets to mexico i can only hear you beautiful voices through the internet cuz w... Read More

  4. by Cailtin 22nd May 2008 00:18

    Oh please please come to the US we need you guys bad over here!!

  5. by camilla 04th Jun 2008 13:33

    c o m e to italy !!
    especially to M I L A N !!
    please ,,,
    i ( L ) u !!
    italy ( L ) u !!

    please please

  6. by Desiree 11th Jun 2008 21:00

    Oh My God!
    Im Like Freaking Out.
    I Cant Wait Til This Comes Out.
    I Bet Its Going To Be Amasing.(: