Robin Gibb

Robin Gibb

 Robin Gibb, former Bee Gees star has praised the late Dusty Springfield as the greatest females singer in modern history. 

 Gibb was unveiling a plaque at the Springfields former home in Kensington, London on Sunday, and not only did he call Dusty Springfield a soul legend, he also went on to criticse the current generation of female singers, even telling reporters they modern singers "just pose at singing".  

He went on to say ""(Springfield) is probably the greatest female popular singer in the modern pop rock era - since 1963, there's been no one to match her.  "This includes the United States as well - they can't come close to her. Today they just pose at singing. She was the genuine article.  "I don't think there will ever be anyone that could take the place of Dusty Springfield."   

Dusty Springfield died in 1999, and lived at the Londong propery from 1968 to 1972, and is famous for many singles including 'Son of a Preacherman' (1968). 

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