Despite reports to the contrary, a representative for Elton John has denied the claims from Donald Trump advisor Anthony Scaramucci that the legendary singer would be singing to mark Donald Trump's inauguration.

Elton John

Elton John

Speaking to Rolling Stone, the rep explained: "The reports that Elton is performing at Trump's inauguration are not true. He will not be performing."

Scaramucci had previously told BBC HARDtalk that John would be performing on Wednesday, saying at the time: "Elton John is going to be doing our concert on the mall for the inauguration", before adding Trump would be the "first American president in US history that enters the White House with a pro-gay-rights stance."

John had even spoken about the election himself at the beginning of 2016, saying to The Guardian: "I've met Donald Trump - he was very nice to me. It's nothing personal [that I don't want my songs used in campaigning].

"His political views are his own; mine are very different, I'm not a Republican in a million years. Why not ask Ted f**king Nugent? Or one of those f**king country stars? They'll do it for you."

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