John Legend has admitted that while there’s chart pressure when he releases new material, he doesn’t let that get to him. With an Oscar and 10 Grammy Awards to his name, he’s certainly grabbed critical acclaim throughout his career, and recently released his fifth studio album, ‘Darkness and Light’.

John Legend

John Legend

Speaking to Fault Magazine, he said: “Not everyone is going to be happy with every album and with every song but when I put music out, I do it with the confidence that my fans will love it or at least give it a chance.

“The feedback from ‘Darkness and Light’ has been amazing and it has been my best-reviewed album to-date. When I was finishing it, a lot of my friends felt like it was my best work and I felt the same so I was more excited than nervous for people to hear it. I don’t go too much into numbers and charts, what’s important is that people love it and I’ve heard they do.”

Legend worked with fellow big names on the record including Miguel and Chance the Rapper; not the first names that spring to mind when you think of perfect partners for him to sing with, but definitely impressive team-ups.

It’s good to hear that Legend doesn’t allow stress to get to him when he’s working on his first passion. At this point in his career, he doesn’t need big sales to know he’s been a success. His legacy is already cemented, and we can’t wait to see what comes next.

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