Mel B isn't keeping quiet about a potential Spice Girls reunion, but has insisted that she's now 'fed up' of talking about it, as nothing has yet come together.

Mel B

Mel B

As the most vocal former member of the group when it comes to getting the ladies back together, Mel B is beginning to get frustrated.

Speaking to Australia's Daily Telegraph, she explained: "I wish there was something to say. I'm fed up with talking about it because until it is absolutely set in stone and everybody gets their arse in gear, there is nothing to say.

"If the girls said to me in January, 'We've booked five shows in the UK', I'd drop everything and be there.

"Without those girls and without me being a Spice Girl and being part of that craziness, I wouldn't be sitting here in Australia saying, 'Yeah, I'm Scary Spice'. I owe those girls everything."

The singer also confessed that she'll always stick to her moniker of 'Scary Spice', despite moving on with her career.

"I am always going to be that person," she concluded. "As well as being a mature, responsible woman, I am still a kid, I'm still Scary Spice, I'm still annoying, I am still inappropriate. I am all of that."

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