Robbie Williams hasn't earned many fans in Russia with the music video for one of his new comeback tracks, 'Party Like A Russian'.

As the second tune to be lifted from his upcoming new album, 'The Heavy Entertainment Show', the song and video pays tribute to Russians and their ability to party, with Williams playing a Russian oligarch at a mansion, surrounded by female dancers.

He said of the song: "Part of the British identity is that we all believe we're the best at partying, most nations think that of themselves. But there ain't no party like a Russian party (sorry S Club 7)."

It was The Guardian that first reported how the video had become a huge talking point in Russia, with Russian TV channel Vesti saying it was a stunt to boost Williams' popularity, which "in recent years was becoming a memory rather than a reality."

Russian tabloid newspaper Life also went on the attack, holding a round table discussion about the video which saw it described as "s**t because it imparts the puny, vulgar Russian elite, which has nothing to do with aesthetics, beauty or romanticism."

Politician Maria Baranova has praised the video however, saying that "today's elites are pleased with the depiction" of Russians in the visuals.

Williams' new album 'The Heavy Entertainment Show' is officially released on November 4.

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