Singer, producer and songwriter George Maple is back with her brand new track 'Lover' and the music video to accompany the song, starring male supermodel Jordan Barrett and directed by fashion photographer Darren McDonald, shot in an equestrian center in Sydney.

Chatting about the song, Maple said: "I wanted to capture the beauty in the primal obsession of love. Messy love. Destructive love. The dopamine effect. The power of loss or struggle and what it drives humans to do. I wanted to capture that feeling in a film, I wanted to feel the rage and confusion of complex love, or love you simply don't want to have but can't seem to get away from. It could be the wrong timing, or you could be involved with someone else, it could be forbidden love, they could be completely wrong for you but there's a magnetism that drives you completely insane."

The song comes two years after Maple's debut EP 'Vacant Space', which gained some fantastic reviews upon its release.

Earlier this year Maple also gained a whole legion of more fans after DJ Snake re-worked her early single 'Talk', which is now hitting over 30 million streams.

Now though it's all about 'Lover', which is available to buy and stream now.

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