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Rhydian exclusive interview: classical music and life after the X Factor

Rhydian has just been sunbathing topless in London when I speak to...
'No Deal' is released 21st April

Melanie De Biasio - 'No Deal' - Album Review

The new album from Melanie de Biasio is not just any ordinary jazz album. Forget...
'Out My Head' is released 7th April

John Newman- 'Out My Head'- Review

Fresh faced musician, John Newman looks set to shake up the charts this month...
Ruperts new single Morning Light is out on 14th April

Rupert Stroud Exclusive Interview

Rupert Stroud is a 27 year old singer songwriter from Leeds, who’s causing...
Put a smile on your face

10 happy songs to make you smile and rid those January blues

We take a look at ten songs that are sure to put a smile on your face and...

Exclusive interview with Highasakite

Highasakite have the musical skills to keep it interesting, the melodic hocks...
The very talented Simon Kent

Exclusive interview with Simon Kent

Portsmouth based singer/songwriter, Simon Kent, will be releasing his new album...
The Trevor Nelson Collection 2

The Trevor Nelson Collection 2 - Album Review

Following the success of his compilation album last year, Trevor Nelson has come...
Dr Costas Karageorghis

Music maximises the effects of a workout

A study shows that the type of music you listen to during a workout can act as a...
Miley has been told to rest by doctors.

Miley Cyrus Cancels 'Bangerz' Show

Miley Cyrus fans were left disappointed when the Wrecking Ball' singer cancelled...
Zoe Kravitz shows off spring's new downtime kit in ASOS Magazine

We Love Zoe Kravitz and her Quirky Offbeat Spring Style

Check out fun and quirky spring style picks from ASOS modelled by Zoe Kravitz!
Can listening to music increase your performance?

The benefits of music on your workout

A sports psychologist reveals the benefits of music on our workout and how it...
 What should I do?

I've got a talent for making music!

Hi Lucy. I have really got a talent in making music, but I don't know how to...
Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga splits from manager over creative differences

Lady Gaga has split from her manager because of creative differences
Could listening to pop music ease your pain?

Pop music helps to ease pain

New research has revealed that listening to pop music is the best way to ease...
Couple at festival

How is the musical harmony in your relationship?

Highlighted at weddings is a couple’s song that acts as a reminder of a first...
Natasha Bedingfield- Singer/Songwriter

Natasha Bedingfield and Paul Van Dyk join Peace One Day Celebration

Peace One Day Concert 2013.
Sting Quartet

Lucy's Wedding Diaries- Music

For the evening we have arranged a DJ, as the hall splits of into three rooms...

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