Dream With Me

Dream With Me

Jackie Evancho was first introduced to the world last year on America’s Got Talent, stunning audiences with her stunning, mature vocals despite only being 10 years old.

She is the first American artist to be signed to the Simon Cowell-affiliated Syco label. She has already sold 1.5 million albums in American alone, and 31 million Youtube views.

To say expectations were high for this would be an understatement. However, every expectation for a talented child were blown away from the first track.

Evancho shows fantastic potential to become a noteworthy adult opera singer, allowing her soothing vocals to carry Dream With Me.

In a press release, Jackie said the following: “I never really had a pop voice, but even if I had a pop voice, I would have gone with classical because it’s different from what many other children do, because with classical you’re able to show emotion in it.”

On Dream With Me, there is constant emotion from a truly talented voice. People will always run down shows like America/Britain’s Got Talent and The X Factor, but it does occasionally give artists like this a genuine chance at exposure and success.

Slightly clichéd is the duet with Susan Boyle, who of course got her break on the UK version of the talent show. The contrast in the experience of the vocalist makes their version of ‘A Mother’s Prayer’ a beautiful track, albeit a predictable duet to include.

Still, it’s testament to Evancho’s potential and talent as a vocalist that she gets to duet with Boyle and Barbara Streisand, more than holding her own.

The tracks complement each other perfectly, resulting in an impressive, stunning debut that makes you wonder how, even at aged 10, Jackie Evancho could ever beat this.

Female First - Alistair McGeorge

  1. by John 03rd Jun 2011 12:10

    Jackie is truly amazing.Her singing will hook you from the first note.

  2. by CYNTHIA FESLER 03rd Jun 2011 12:24

    Watching Jackie for almost 2 years, I knew she could do this and so much more. Keep watching and she will really blow your socks off! Great review and the word "stunning" can only begin... Read More

  3. by Sempi Ternam 03rd Jun 2011 12:50

    I'm really looking forward to the CD, and Jackie's PBS Great Performances special which premieres this weekend June 4. You're amazing, Jackie!

  4. by James R. 03rd Jun 2011 13:08

    I think the CD, from what I've heard, is beautiful. I'd warn against comparisons with opera singers, though. Jackie has stated clearly that she is a crossover singer, not an opera sin... Read More

  5. by Clarita Crabtree 03rd Jun 2011 13:22

    This article, although excellent, only begins to describe Jackie. She is the ultimate performer. Her stage presence, perfect pitch, emotion, song selection, joy at performing, ability... Read More

  6. by Sam Ennis 03rd Jun 2011 13:30

    Jackie's voice and expressions reach out and take hold and won't let go until she has touched your eyes with tears and your heart with peaceful joy.
    Jackie Evancho is the Songbird of the Ages.

  7. by MAw 03rd Jun 2011 14:00

    Jackie's voice is gorgeous. And what's wrong with the comparison to opera singers? Yes, I understand she's not an opera singer/performer, but the comparison is incredibly flattering a... Read More

  8. by Terry Baker 03rd Jun 2011 15:38

    16-time Grammy winning producer David Foster, who is also the producer of "Dream With Me," has stated that, in his 45 years in the music business, he has NEVER seen anyone with the "in... Read More

  9. by Tunanorth 03rd Jun 2011 16:50

    Only in our modern world could a voice like Jackie's be discovered at so young an age.
    Imagine if you could have heard Streisand, Brightman, etc. at the age of 10, and then been able t... Read More

  10. by richard nicoletti 11th Jul 2011 09:22

    I never could understand why people want to compare great entertainers with other entertainers. Let it be; enjoy them all and appreciate them for their abilities and contributions. Jack... Read More

  11. by daniel 27th Aug 2011 22:33

    she is really an angel from heaven....

  12. by Gordon Smith 14th Oct 2011 08:35

    Yes, Jackie really is stunning. To prove it,
    we did a "blind test" experiment with our
    "OperaDou Jury", playing CD tracks and
    inviting the Jury to say WHO thety thought
    was singing. The... Read More