F**kin’ Perfect is the follow up single to Raise You’re Glass and is taken from P!ink’s latest album Greatest Hits...So Far.

On a whole the song is empowering to the listener, telling people they’re perfect the way they are and not to change for anyone. P!nk shows off her vocals in the opening of the track with only a guitar for backing.

The video which accompanies the track is slightly disturbing to watch, but fits perfectly with the song and its lyrics. It starts with a couple having sex, the women who looks unhappy, then reminisces about her bad childhood. The video addresses issues such as bullying, arguing, weight, stealing, failing at school and self harm.

The song is surprisingly addictive, especially the lyric ‘pretty pretty please don’t you ever, ever feel like your less than f**kin’ perfect’. However, I don’t think I’ll be putting the video on repeat; it’s a little bit too graphic for my liking.

Female First- Rachael Patan

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  1. by Leo 23rd Jan 2011 08:12

    This song is gripping and addictive. Apart from being self empowering, the video for the track has to be one of the most graphic.

    That being said, reality or life for that matter i... Read More

  2. by Shaun 01st Feb 2011 12:56

    This clip is so powerful, unique, gripping & well directed - the song fits so perfectly with the clip. GO P!NK!