Matt Cardle- When We Collide

Matt Cardle- When We Collide

Despite not being the bookies favourite Matt received the most public votes every week of the X Factor live shows, except the opening week in which he was second to Mary Bryne.

However, as his debut single has divided his fans (even here in the office). Matt’s single ‘When We Collide’ is a cover of the Biffy Clyro track ‘Many of Horror’, and fans of the Scottish band have begun a campaign to get the original to Christmas number one.

It is definitely an excellent song choice for his winners single, and suits the 27 year-olds voice perfectly. Matt’s version is arguably very different from the original. He introduces more of a power ballad style to the track rather than the rock influence of the Biffy version. It’s certainly catchy, no matter who performs it.

Although the Biffy original is awesome, and undoubtedly should have been recognised as so without an X Factor contestant covering it, I personally prefer Matt’s version. Maybe that’s because after supported him throughout the competition I would have backed any track he released.

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  1. by john tilbuy 15th Dec 2010 12:00

    liked matt a lot said he would win from the start, well done matt hope u go along way.

  2. by Steve 04th Jan 2011 15:36

    I don't know how you can prefer the cover version... The cover is squeeky clean... Which doesn't make any sense considering the nature of it's lyrics... The song is about a couple that ... Read More

  3. by Maria tonner 05th Jan 2011 01:44

    I love Matt, no im obsessed. I play cd as loud as I can in my car and sing along. Its brilliant.