Alter Bridge - Live From Wembley

Alter Bridge - Live From Wembley

Artist: Alter Bridge

Album: Live From Wembley


Rating: 5/5

Alter Bridge are one of the best live acts that I have ever had the pleasure to see and if you didn’t get to see them on their UK tour at the end of last y ear then you missed a real treat.

For those who did get to the see the rockers live well you can now re-live their fantastic show with their new album Live From Wembley, which is a DVD as well as a live album.

It’s only live can you truly appreciate the power and the versatility of Myles Kennedy’s vocals, opening song Slip To The Void is the perfect example as the track opens with Kennedy’s deep and rich tones before he takes it up a notch as the guitars and drums kick in.

It’s not hard to see why Kennedy has been so in demand away from the band, a favourite of Slash, he really is turning himself into a bit of a rock God - and the DVD shows that he has a real presence and charisma on stage.

But Alter Bridge is not all about Kennedy’s vocal as the guitar work is just as important, the opening to Find The Real really sees the guitars come into their own.

But this album is not all about heavy rock and roll as more ballad piece such as watch Over You, a personal fave, and Ghosts of Days Gone By are just beautiful songs that really do come alive when sung live and with the input from the audience.

There are fourteen tracks on the album but twenty one on the DVD and both are the perfect introduction to Alter Bridge as one of the best live bands around at the moment.

And as if a live album and DVD on one release was not a big enough treat there is also a one hour documentary thrown in there about their role of Wembley, a venue that they have dreamed of playing ever since the band was formed.

Live From Wembley is one of the best live albums that I have heard for a long time and live is what Alter Bridge are all about - as good as their albums are they really do come alive on stage.

Myles Kennedy and co real does live and breathe rock and roll and that really comes across in their performance, thrown in some great crowd participation and you have a superb live record.

Miss this released at your peril!!! And if you are new to Alter Bridge go back and check out their three album releases as they really are a quality band.

Alter Bridge Live From Wembley is out now

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