Zac Barnett, James Adam Shelley, Matt Sanchez and Dave Rublin - better known as American Authors - have arrived with their brand new debut album 'Oh, What A Life' through Virgin EMI Records.

The Brooklyn-based band get off to a strong start with pop tracks 'Believer' and 'Think About It', providing easy to listen to music that doesn't need any explanation.

Their lead single 'Best Day Of My Life' can be heard absolutely everywhere at the moment, whether it's on advertisements for cars or being played on every radio station multiple times a day, and it deserves the heavy exposure. It's a great feel-good tune that you'll be hard-pressed not to groove along to.

'Luck' brings forward raw emotion whilst still maintaining the upbeat rhythm they've carried through the record so far, and although family issues are being tackled you can still enjoy the song without feeling depressed. It's a definite favourite that shows they're more than just another generic group churning out the same old same old.

Their folk/country inflected tones continue in 'Trouble' and are more prevelant here than anywhere else. They've decided to showcase them at the best time possible, as artists such as Avicii have opened the doors for the boundaries of the genre to be pushed further than ever before.

They sound brilliant when they take the time to all sing together with a simple arrangement, making it something special when the instruments come back in and Zac croons his way through the verses of the songs.

'Love' sounds a little too similar to 'Best Day Of My Life' - but it's forgiveable because it - like many of the collection's offerings, has the ability to put a smile on your face.

It's clear to see why they called themselves American Authors and where they get their influences and inspirations from. They're telling their own individual stories, and so those who really listen to the lyrics and the melodies will be rewarded.

It's an extremely strong opening from a band with much potential, and should cement them as big players in the industry going forward.

American Authors' 'Oh, What A Life' is released Monday, March 17.

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