Janie Price AKA Bird is back with her brand new third studio record, 'Figments Of Our Imagination', and whilst a lot of her music is soothing pleasure for the ears, the static instruments infused throughout many of the tracks can be extremely distracting at times. Some songs seem a little chaotic, with too much all going on at once for the listener to really sit back and focus.

Despite that minor niggle, there are some real gems here. 'Hypnotise' does exactly what it says on the tin, luring the consumer into a sense of security with its floaty cello sounds reverberating softly off pop elements. It's one of the more radio-friendly songs the alternative record produces, and it would be great to see it get the single release treatment.

Price's voice is so gentle throughout with tunes such as 'Small Town' packing lyrics that many would use to punch at the gut of the listener - 'I'm leaving tonight, boy' - and turning them into an almost loving confession. The drums packed into the final moments of the song are a special addition which really elevate this into the top tier of what's on offer here.

Though her voice is an easy listen through most of the record, you do at times find yourself willing herself to really push it to that next level. Eight tracks in and listening to 'Love Love Love', it all feels a little bit 'same-same'. Luckily that changes with song number nine, 'Drink Drink Drink'.

After such an elegant and 'nice' experience so far, it's great to hear a dark element through 'Drink Drink Drink'. The chorus is rousing and the instrumental used through it a little eerie. The perfect soundtrack for anybody getting absolutely wasted, knowing they'll wake up with a tonne of regret the next morning.

Produced by Chris Kimsey, mixed by Lee Groves and with all tracks written, performed and played instrumental for by Bird, you can't help but admire the talents of the singer at hand. She's a multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter with a passion for honing her craft, and whilst that's a journey she may not yet have reached the end of yet (is anybody ever perfect at their craft?), she has to be commended.

'Figments Of Our Imagination' is the sort of record you'd hear playing over Skins or a similar television series where a group of youngsters are experiencing the highs of class A drugs. It's got that sort of feel to it, allowing the listener an escape into another world for 45 minutes or so - definitely worth a listen for anyone looking to expand on their musical horizons.

Bird's new album is officially released on October 9.

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