Anna and Jon make up the relatively unknown duo Jona Overground, who must be hoping to make a name for themselves with the release of their new record 'On The Outside'.

The relatively dull opener 'If You Were Free' is probably not the best way to go around getting that result, but things do get a little more listenable when second song 'Spin Cycle' kicks in.


Voices blend well, and though Anna has a good vocal it is one that wouldn't do its best carrying the entire album, benefiting when Jon's tone comes in to support amongst his instrumental.

Lyrics that want to evoke emotion included in songs such as 'Last Time I Saw You' don't seem to do that for the artists involved here. There's no doubting they know their way around a song, but when it comes to the Gilkes/Griffin-written pieces, any attempts at showing passion fall flat.

Things get a little more upbeat with 'On The Outside' and the record does well for it. Just as it may be losing the attention of listeners this is a good effort to regain interest and though that upbeat notion disappears with follow-up 'Caught In A Line', it's another stand-out if not only for the sheer raw vocal talent.

It seems that the middle of this collection is where it really gains its legs. 'Let's Pretend' again gives feel-good vibes with its 'do do do' introduction and melodies, despite the subject matter being that of a relationship that seems to be in trouble.

Whilst a lot of what is on offer here blends together to create one long and sometimes dreary soundtrack, there are moments of promise.

Jona Overground may still be finding their feet, and with a bit of polish they could become something more than what they are now - just OK.

'On The Outside' is out digitally now, and released physically on September 29.

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