Quickly building a huge and rapturous beat, opening track 'I'm Only Joking' gives listeners an immediate taste of everything that's to follow, perfectly painting a picture of the four brothers that make up Kongos, banding together to create something special.

Standout tune 'Come With Me Now' shows off their growling and gravelly tones that have made them such a success stateside, and explores the ideas of 'losing myself tonight' and making something of your life, instead of being 'caught up in this world / wasted time, wasted breath'.

Reggae makes its way into 'I Want To Know', playing alongside riffs of electro-pop in a tune that could easily rival current MAGIC! hit 'Rude'.

'Kids These Days' touches on political elements as well as popular culture, offering another educated layer to the record that some may find a little grating if in the 'offending' categories brushed over.

Softer sides are shown with 'As We Are' and 'Traveling On' as delicate instrumentals open the gates for gentle vocals to come to the forefront.

'Hey I Don't Know' feels like an old Beatles track that didn't make the cut, but that doesn't mean it's any less great than any of those songs that came before it.

Gritty rock combined with elements of pop and other genres that fuse their way into proceedings make for some beautiful listening, as versatility is proven by the band time and time again.

Ominous yet joyful, hypnotic rhythms ensure that you're gripped from the first moment and the collection refuses to let go until you go away from the record impressed and totally satisfied.

Kongos album 'Lunatic' is released in the UK on August 25.

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