Releasing their first record of new material as a three piece was always going to be a test for NEEDTOBREATHE, following the departure of their drummer Joe Stillwell in July of 2012.

Opening with a soft and fluid tune that gradually builds on production and grandeur, 'Wasteland' is the perfect starting track to draw in fans before upping the tempo and beat with second track 'State I'm In'.

The following tracks 'Feet, Don't Fail Me Now' and 'Oh, Carolina' feature unmistakable country twangs and though they're very enjoyable to listen to, you're left wanting something more to set them apart.

What continues is more of the same - very pleasing to the ears and you won't be skipping tracks with disappointment and a need to stop anything that's awful - but there's nothing groundbreaking here.

They'd do well with a slither of EDM infused into their music, but that in turn would destroy the essence of this record which makes it sound as if it's being played to you live at times.

What is clear is that this is a passionate group with a will to succeed and the drive to get a message to their fans - that they'll put in the work to deliver everything they should be used to, whether they're a group of four or three.

Credit: Sully Sullivan

NEEDTOBREATHE's new record 'Rivers In The Wasteland' is released on April 14.

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  1. by southerntomahawk 31st Mar 2014 21:10

    How did you get to hear it?

  2. by Daniel Falconer 01st Apr 2014 10:05

    We were sent the album to review!

  3. by southerntomahawk 01st Apr 2014 16:13

    Ah you lucky dog! I can't wait 2 more weeks!