Seb Stone

Seb Stone

Opening with the title track, Seb Stone reminds you why he's in the industry - his voice is powerful and he is able to weave those impressive vocals between melodies to put a smile on the face of any listener.

His rap skills are brought to the forefront in the second track - 'Individual' - alongside an empowering chorus that exudes confidence and insists that you believe in yourself - a bit of cheese, but there's nothing wrong with that.

'Final Fantasy' has a cocky swagger about it, but isn't overbearing to the point where you'll switch off - it instead adds another layer to the artist.

The last track 'Name' seems weak when compared with the first three tunes, but on the whole the progression that Seb Stone's going through is clear to see.

His strengths are apparant, and instead of trying to weave multiple genres into one song, he should dedicate whole tracks to each individual genre he wants to dabble in.

'Circles' is out now, with all tracks written, arranged, produced and performed by Seb Stone.

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