Transport yourself into Adam Lambert's 'Ghost Town' heart with his brand new single, kickstarting with 45 seconds of melodic and soothing vocal tones before rampaging through an intense and exciting chorus that showcases Adam at his very best. The singer is searching his soul with the first cut from his third studio record, and you'll be inclined to do the same with your first listen to this track.

Produced by album executive producers Max Martin and Shellback, this is a song that once more sees Adam push any genre boundaries he could possibly be restricted by, instead blending a variety of folk, pop, electro and house together and refusing to conform to the usual trends.

Addictive and catchy, there's a whistle line acting as a hook which you won't be able to get out of your mind, contrasting against the dark mood and tone that a lot of the track portrays. The lyrics are poignant and heavy, but thankfully aren't presented in a way that's going to leave you feeling hollow.

Credit: Hunger TV
Credit: Hunger TV

Though Adam here maintains the glam rock image he's set out over the years, this does feel like the start of a whole new body of work for the star whose loyal fans have followed him since his time on American Idol. That show is now a thing of the past - he has grown and evolved so much that he blows any artist to come from that competition out of the water.

The thousands who have remained by his side can now walk through the fire with Adam as he continues to prove just why he's a force to be reckoned with within this industry. It seems almost unfair that he's not had more success in the past. Sure, his second album 'Trespassing' broke records on Billboard, not least for being the first to hit number one from an openly gay artist, but there's always been a little something lacking for Adam. (Note, FOR him, not FROM him.)

This is without a doubt the best single Adam has ever released and the one that is most likely to see huge commercial success. With some good radio play and support from media outlets, it should soar to the top of the charts in no time, and anything less than top ten would be a travesty. Can it reach number one? That's down to the fans and new supporters. It should certainly do so. I'd go as far as to say that this is the best pop single to come out of the year so far.

'Ghost Town' is out now as an instant download for those who pre-order Adam's forthcoming third studio album 'The Original High' - available June 15 on Parlophone. The single is officially released in the UK on June 7.

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  1. by WhiteLady 21st Apr 2015 11:06

    Not my favourite song from Adam, (like him better at full glam like on 'cuckoo', 'music again' or 'strut') but I'd still give it a 7/10, I like it and it sounds like a hit to me! I can ... Read More

  2. by Dee 21st Apr 2015 12:36

    I absolutely love it!

  3. by Yvette 21st Apr 2015 13:10

    Yes its a Brilliant! A perfect Vocal journey with Adam Lambert set to cool swag beats and hooks that pretty much Spellbind! Crank this on some great speakers and hear it really come A... Read More

  4. by Yvette 21st Apr 2015 13:17

    That's what's sooo Exciting about Adam he's always giving us something so different "Surprise " Surprise" like we never expect..never Predictable, always Exhilarating! ... Read More

  5. by mickivick 21st Apr 2015 16:42

    Perfect review of a PERFECT song. Thanks so much!

  6. by Marilyn Cole 21st Apr 2015 17:00

    Can't get this song out of my head -- woke up to the whistle and it's still there! Great song from a great artist

  7. by GGK 21st Apr 2015 20:30

    What a strangely addictive and haunting tune! Perfect combination of dark lyrics, moody vibe, and soothing hook. I have played this song countless times and my emotional response intens... Read More

  8. by mimimh 21st Apr 2015 22:11

    I. Love. It. Cannot. Stop. Listening. But then, I am not objective. Love everything he does. And him.

  9. by Trudy 22nd Apr 2015 02:25

    I agree WhiteLady. Ghost Town to me was a tease. The titles of the other songs on the cd are very intriguing and I'm a fan of Tove Lo so I want to hear that collaboration. I soooooooo... Read More

  10. by 6plus12 22nd Apr 2015 03:13

    Thanks for the fine review - agree with everything you've stated - great song - brilliant vocals - truly deserves to fly up the charts -

  11. by queenrosered 22nd Apr 2015 03:32

    Since I realize that it's totally impossible for ME to be objective when it comes to Adam Lambert, I asked my 21 year old grandson to listen with me. We listened twice. He nodded his he... Read More

  12. by Maliha Sallahuddin 22nd Apr 2015 04:13

    Oooh big words! I love seeing Adam receiving praise of the highest of highest degree :)

  13. by Pete 22nd Apr 2015 06:49

    Daniel, you have a great way with words. A+ review.

  14. by Daniel Falconer 22nd Apr 2015 08:43

    Thanks, Pete!

  15. by Daniel Falconer 22nd Apr 2015 08:44

    LOVE this comment!

  16. by Daniel Falconer 22nd Apr 2015 08:44

    It's been almost 24 hours since I got my first listen and I'm completely in the same boat.

  17. by Daniel Falconer 22nd Apr 2015 08:45

    It's great to hear the low register from Adam. It's different and something new and proves he still even at this point has something unique to offer.

  18. by ModestYChild 22nd Apr 2015 12:07

    I was dazed and stumped at the first listen, Ghost Town is unusual, unique, nothing I've heard on radio. And then the hook came in at nearly the end and I was blown away! You are on p... Read More

  19. by Daniel Falconer 22nd Apr 2015 12:32

    I'm glad you got that when I mean something lacking for Adam, it's from the media letting him be pushed to the masses rather than from Adam himself! And you're very welcome. They'll kee... Read More

  20. by Linda Vastardis 22nd Apr 2015 22:05

    Great Review and I agree with every word! The dark lyrics juxtaposed with the driving beat makes this work on every level. The music keeps the listener from becoming stuck in a black ... Read More

  21. by Selu Peace 23rd Apr 2015 06:49

    As I started to read your review, I felt my eyes fill with tears that splashed onto my keyboard. I blinked and kept reading. When I finished your article, I ran into the family room a... Read More

  22. by Jaqui 23rd Apr 2015 08:38

    Ghost Town grows more as you listen, it's like a journey where you discover something new as you go, or an amazing layered movie that you discover new incredible things every time you w... Read More

  23. by Daniel Falconer 23rd Apr 2015 09:07

    Such kind words Selu, thanks so much for your comment!

  24. by Daniel Falconer 23rd Apr 2015 09:08

    Thanks Linda! There are so many layers to this tune that you tend to love it more and more with each listen.

  25. by Daniel Falconer 23rd Apr 2015 09:08

    Couldn't agree more Jaqui! Adam just seems to get better and better with every release.

  26. by funbunn40 23rd Apr 2015 10:33

    Adam just didn't get radio play in the US for Trespassing. The DJs loved him & the songs, but said the "suits"& program directors don't pay attention to the requests from listeners, but... Read More

  27. by Kathryn333 24th Apr 2015 13:18

    Great review - so get the "for"! Thanks so much! And for those not sure - listen with headphones/earbuds - even more layers can be heard. In addition to loving the entire song, so cool to hear the "machines" powering down at the end...

  28. by Vhea Roselle Viado Belarmino 24th Apr 2015 19:40

    now this comment made me smile from ear to ear XD I remember my friends doing the same when they came over at my house to watch movies and i decided to play Ghost town over and over before and after we watched the movie

  29. by Yvette 25th Apr 2015 04:49

    This was my reaction too. They took sad lyrics but balanced them to a cool swag beat and hooks that you find yourself wanting ti get up and bop around..crazy! Adams "Runnin" is the most amazing song showcasing the lowest range Adams ever done. One of the best songs his...but there's too many amazing songs to ever choose. I know The Original High gonna blow me away.

  30. by lilian alcasid 27th Apr 2015 03:24

    1 million plus views already!!!:) I cannot wait for the MV indeed!!!:) Excellent!!!!

  31. by rr3A 14th Jun 2015 02:49

    Great song.....great tune.....the entire album...what I heard on the streams so fantastic!!

  32. by rr3A 14th Jun 2015 02:59

    There's one thing the label wants....then there's what the fans want...and there's another that the artist want....they could be completely different
    IMO the only thing missing in this a pure rock & roll song....rock music needs to get a new lease on life....the true rockers are too old....pardon if I offended anyone....lots of people said that the only singer today who could perform Queen's songs and do them justice was Adam Lambert....guess what??....they're right!!....IMO one of the few young singers who can perform a true rock song is Lambert himself ....hopefully sometime soon we will hear a few brand new rock & roll songs.... collaboration with Queen will work perfectly.....let's see what transpires