Some new Adam Lambert vocals are a thing a lot of people have been waiting for for quite some time now, so those who haven't heard Avicii's recent album 'True' in its entirety are in for a treat, as they won't be familiar with this track - Avicii's new single - 'Lay Me Down'.

Adam's feature on this song is something special, and no other artist that I know of would have been able to bring as much to the vocals here that he has done.

Without him I feel it would be a bland offering without too much substance, but with such passion and gusto that exudes from every Lambert-infected note it's difficult not to take notice.

Adam Lambert brings so much to the song

An infectious and feel-good chorus ensures it's also one you won't forget when you put down the headphones.

Avicii of course also brings his A-game, with brilliant production weaving both electronic and acoustic instrumentation together resulting in an experimental yet fantastic combination.

He's still on the rise despite having some of the biggest songs of 2013, and it's exciting to see just how high he'll be able to climb whilst continuing to release unique, incredible club-bangers.

'Lay Me Down' is available now, and an official lyric video is to be released very soon.

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  1. by Judy Purcell 20th May 2014 15:06

    Adam's vocals and Nile Rodgers funky guitar are fabulous !!

  2. by Breaking Bad 20th May 2014 15:31

    I'm looking forward to album numero three from Adam!

  3. by Pragmatic Penelope 20th May 2014 16:26

    Lambert also has writing credit for the lyrics.

  4. by Trudy 20th May 2014 17:39

    Glamberts are very familiar with the track "Lay Me Down". We have been waiting for months to hear this on the radio. Everything Avicii touches turns to gold it seems. He even collaborated with Coldplay on A Sky Full of Stars (a track on their cd Ghost Stores).

  5. by Cammy 20th May 2014 18:55

    Sooo glad Nile didn't let Adam stay home and nurse his hangover that day and between Avicii, Nile and Adam this angsty funky, electronic song was born.

  6. by TexasMeterMaid 20th May 2014 23:00

    Glamberts have posted their own lyrics video to Lay Me Down. Sucks that a lyrics video is the best they can do for this incredible song. But I love the song and will support anything that Adam sings.

  7. by Lily 21st May 2014 00:00

    Several singles from Avicii's True cd have been released and they have all done well on the charts. I'm a fan. I wish Lay Me Down could be released this summer. Adam will be touring with Queen and will be winning over many new fans. A summer release would be perfect timing. It's been sooooooooooooo long since we heard Adam on the radio. (Fingers crossed that the new label will promote the third cd. Pop music has become so boring...Adam will inject new life I'm sure)

  8. by Lauriellen 21st May 2014 14:45

    Anything Adam Lambert is involved in tends to be awesome. Still not convinced he's human :)