Ethan Ash

Ethan Ash

just an ordinary guy with a guitar, great voice and superb lyrical ability.

Ash has been playing guitar since the age of six and was part of a successful band in his teens. Deciding to go it alone he worked hard at his craft and back in 2011 it all paid off when he had the chance to tour with Ed Sheeran.

Haven’t Got There Yet is a laid-back soulful slice of Folk Pop, falsetto vocals overlay poignant lyrics about a troubled relationship. Ash adopts a passionate tone throughout the entire track. He could definitely be a class act but I don’t think he has got there quite yet. He has the John Mayer-esque vibe about him which is definitely a positive.

Briefly after Ash released his debut EP, No Early Nights was chosen as iTunes Single of the Week. This October Ash will be going on a full UK tour to support the release of his latest EP Playing By Numbers which was released October last year. His second EP also had great success; it reached the Top 10 of the iTunes Singer Songwriter chart.

Ash has been praised for his song writing and has worked with singer songwriter Amy Wadge and the UK’s brand new talented youngster Janet Devlin.

Vulture Hound Magazine comment on Ethan Ash by saying 'right off the bat let me tell you, this kids has something special... just an ordinary guy with a guitar, great voice and superb lyrical ability.' 

Haven’t Got There Yet is a promising track and I’m sure the rest of his EP is full of brooding melodies, pure falsetto vocals and wonderful lyrics. 

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