Lana returns with 'West Coast'

Lana returns with 'West Coast'

After the brilliance that was Lana Del Rey's cover of 'Once Upon A Dream' for the upcoming Maleficent movie, I had high hopes for any forthcoming music from the star.

Unfortunately, those hopes were dashed, as 'West Coast' dropped on iTunes and didn't impress.

The comparisons to Stevie Nicks are unfounded. Lana has some way to go before reaching that level, and not even production on this track from the Black Keys' Dan Auerbach can save this song.

For now, I really can't see the appeal. This is a dull and uninspired, forgettable tune, failing to paint the best picture for her next studio album 'Ultraviolence'.

While her voice may be perfect for a spooky blockbuster hype builder, it's doing nothing for me here. Perhaps a remix can save it, as one did for 'Summertime Sadness'.

'West Coast' is available now in the USA and is expected for UK release on May 18.

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  1. by Neo Smith 23rd Apr 2014 14:54

    This is a joke right? You didn't just gave 1 star to one of the best songs that came out this year? WEST COAST was favorably reviewed by any major music magazines and blogs. It's one of the most streamed songs on Spotify, on Itunes the song was rated with 5 stars which means that the listeners considered the song pretty flawless. You are either deaf or you're utterly tasteless because otherwise I cannot explain your rambling. But I think that you are a petty hater because of your remark regarding a remix. Anyway you're opinion is irrelevant

  2. by Daniel Falconer 23rd Apr 2014 15:10

    Despite your thoughts I'm not actually a 'hater' - note the positive comment about Lana's One Upon A Dream cover, and the Summertime Sadness remix.

    Differing opinions make the world go round and though you may love the track and thousands of others may share your opinion, unfortunately I do not and I'm sure there's also people on this side of the fence who agree with what I'm saying.

  3. by Jon 23rd Apr 2014 20:48

    West Coast is fantastic, I think. Hints at a new direction for her music, can't wait for the full album.