Jota Abril, a presenter from the Spanish state broadcaster TVE got a little confused between the Star Wars Rebel Alliance and the Al-Qaeda symbols during a live broadcast.

Star Wars

Star Wars

The mistake happened when two symbols were displayed behind Abril while he was presenting and he pointed and explained: "[Raqqa] was one of the first cities taken in 2013 by terrorist groups, but terrorist groups from al-Qaeda."

Unfortunately, one of the symbols depicted was that of the Rebel Alliance - the interstellar faction that fights against Darth Vader and the Empire in the fictional Star Wars universe.

It wasn't long before the mistake was pointed out on Twitter.

After seeing the mistake, the presenter took to Twitter and apologised for the mistake. He wrote: "Selecting the icons, the wrong one got in there. Thousand apologies."

It seems a little unfair that he was the face of a mistake probably made by someone behind the scenes, but luckily it wasn't too much of a disaster and only Princess Leia Organa was left offended.