Doting Dads Twice as Generous as UK Mums

Doting Dads Twice as Generous as UK Mums

The run up to Christmas can be a little stressful, trying to get everything organised and ready for the big day and keeping within the budget that you set. We all love to see the big smiles on our kids’ faces when they open their gifts but we have to tighten the purse strings just a little. But, it seems, that Dads are more likely to spend that little bit more.

A new study by iconic toy-maker, Little Tikes, polled 1,000 parents and 1,000 grandparents around the UK to uncover who exactly are the most generous gifters for the nation’s children.
It appears that doting Dads aren’t afraid to spend that little bit more as 30.5% of British dads admitted to having spent over £250 on a single gift for their child in the past, compared to 21.2% of mums.

The survey revealed that UK dads aren’t afraid to spend even more money during the festive period with 47.6% of dads also stating they would happily spend over £250 for a single present in the future, but only 33.1% would spend the same.
To ensure that their children have the best day and receive lots of treats and surprises some doting fathers anticipate that they will spend over £1,000 this Christmas with 17% of the dads surveyed admitting to this.

Having children proves to be very expensive as British parents could spend a total of between £4,500 and £9,000 on presents per child for the first 18 years. For the 8.1% of parents who estimate they’ve spent over £8,000 on their child in a single year, for nearly 10% of the nation this could equate to a staggering £144,000 by 18th birthday - the value of a first house!

Spending money on children is a year round thing as 71.6% of British parents choose to reward their kids with a present following a good school report or award win. A further 28.1% of UK parents gifted for good behaviour, or following a trip to the dentist or doctor for injections with 14.1% admitting to this.
3.4% of parents will even go as far as to admit to buying gifts for their children as a bribe, or to just keep them happy. It’s not just parents who can’t say no - with 72% of British grandparents regularly buying presents for ‘no reason’.

When asked why, 47.2% said they just wanted ‘to see them smile’.
Little Tikes Play Expert, Dr. Maggie Redshaw, commented: "Doting Dads certainly seem willing to spend a bit more on a perfect gift for their little one.

"Celebrating any milestone like a birthday or Christmas, as well as good school reports and bravery is great, but remember it doesn’t always need to be expensive.

"Often your little ones just want to spend time having fun with you, so whilst I’m sure they appreciate the gifts, a day in the park with their favourite toy and you can be just as rewarding, especially in their most formative early years."

Top Gift-Giving Occasions:
1. Birthdays (94.1%)
2. Christmas (89.7%)
3. Easter (51%)
4. For winning an award (28.3%)
5. For being good (28.1%)
6. The birth of a sibling (15.9%)
7. Their sibling’s birthday (14.4%)
8. Halloween (14%)
9. Overcoming an illness (8.3%)
10. Their day of Confirmation (8.3%)
11. Braving injections (7.4%)
12. Braving a trip to the dentist (6.7%)
13. Mum or Dad’s birthday (6.3%)
14. Valentine’s Day (5.1%)

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