What makes mum perfect for you?

What makes mum perfect for you?

She’s smarter than Einstein, more stylish than Mrs Beckham, a better baker than Berry and a more rarefied raconteur than Rowling. She’s mum. So say the kids of Great Britain, who see mum as nothing short of the greatest and most perfect person in the history of humankind.

A new survey by Littlewoods.com, reveals the heart-warming findings that 100 per cent of the 1,000 kids polled across the country, think mum is perfect.

I completely agree with the findings of this research as I think my mum’s the best too! No matter whether you’re six or 36, nothing beats a cuddle from your mum - Emma Willis

Even better news for mums everywhere is that in this increasingly materialistic, celebrity-filled world, it’s the money-can’t-buy skills such as giving the best cuddles and reading the best stories, that kids value the highest when asked what it was that made their mum perfect.

Just over half said that mum gives great kisses and cuddles, while 47 per cent said mum is pure perfection in their eyes because she makes them better when they’re poorly and two fifths agreed that mums are amazing because they can make their kids laugh; bake amazing cakes; and tell great stories.

Gary Kibble, Retail Brand Director at Littlewoods.com, said: “I’m sure mums everywhere will be breathing a sigh of relief to learn it’s the simple things like cuddles and telling good bedtime stories that keep kids happy, as opposed to unachievable ideals.

“At Littlewoods.com we recognise and champion the important role mums play and wish every mum a very happy Mother’s Day this Sunday.”

For some kids though, mum scales even greater heights than mere ‘perfection’.  She also happens to be a multi-talented genius whose abilities know no bounds. Indeed, over half said their mum was way cleverer than Einstein, while 70 per cent were confident she’d make a better Prime Minister than David Cameron, and one in two believe she rocks fashion better than Victoria Beckham. 

Celebrity mum Emma Willis, who is supporting the Littlewoods.com ‘Perfect Mummy’ campaign, said: “I completely agree with the findings of this research as I think my mum’s the best too! No matter whether you’re six or 36, nothing beats a cuddle from your mum.

“And as for being smarter than Einstein, I think my mum’s just as brilliant! She is the all-seeing, all-knowing person I always turn to first.”

However, it would seem such feats of superhuman skill don’t quite extend to motor racing. When it comes to mum vs. Lewis Hamilton on the racetrack, 44 per cent of kids backed the F1 driver hands down.

One in five children said they would like their mum to be famous, but only if she was The Queen. Top reasons included “because she makes all the rules”, “because it would make me a prince/princess” and “because she lives in a palace”.

The definitive blueprint of the perfect mum – according to their kids:

1. She gives great kisses and cuddles (51%)
2. She makes me better when I’m poorly (47%)
3. She makes me laugh (40%)
4. She tells great stories (40%)
5. She makes amazing cakes (40%) 
6. She helps me with my homework (37%)
7. She’s good at playing games (30%)
8. She is always smiling (26%)
9. She’s pretty (20%)
10. She’s a good singer (6%)

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