It get's you in the mood for love!

It get's you in the mood for love!

It makes you get up and stay up- If you leave your bed unmade on a weekend- you both might be tempted to hop back in and achieve very little with your precious time together- so it encourages you to get up and go.

If you get visitors- It gives a good impression- if they see your unmade bed when they pop upstairs to relieve themselves- it makes you seem like a lazy couple who doesn't take pride in their shared space.

It sets you up for the day- Whoever is the last one out should make the bed so they're beginning their day with organisation and a clear mind and start as they mean to go on, which will have an impact on mood when they come home.

It puts you in the wrong mind-set- If you start every day with a 'I'll put it on the back burner' attitude this can filter through into other areas of your relationship, which is never a good thing.

It makes your home more welcoming when you return- After a hard day's work- the last thing you need to come home to is a messy looking house. This will only prolong your stress levels- make it up and you will feel a sense of calm when you walk through the door.

It means a lot to your partner- If the last one to leave makes the bed and the first one to arrive sees a made bed- it puts them in a good mood for the evening. If all they see are jobs to do when they get home it can breed resentment.

It transforms your joint space- The bedroom should be a place to relax- if you both need a nap, want to read side by side, or simply eel like lying down together- it's a far more welcoming place if the bed is made.

It can get you in the mood- If all you see when you enter your bedroom is an unmade bed- it might put you right off sex if your mind is distracted by tasks.

There is nothing more satisfying as a couple than getting in a freshly made bed- It's not only important to make it- but change it often too as it makes the whole experience more pleasurable.

It shows you respect your home- If you keep your house clean and tidy- it demonstrates that you appreciate everything in it, it proves that you've both worked hard to build a home and are proud of the fact.

Original research by The Fine Bedding Company.

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