Any of these sound familiar?

Any of these sound familiar?

Leaving lights on all the time and wasting electricity

7% have actually broken up following an argument about this- times are tight and leaving lights on is the equivalent of throwing money away.

Leaving the TV on

For who? The house ghost? If there is no one watching it- what's the actual point? Unless you want to feel like you have company- in which case- call someone or make a plan.

Not turning off the lights when leaving the house

It's a good idea to give the impression there's someone in when you're out- but why leave the most expensive light on in the house?

Leaving windows open

Burglars and more importantly- bugs- can get in. If you like your stuff and/or are afraid of insects- don't do it!

Leaving doors open

It's like holding a neon sign over your house saying- 'come in and take what you want!'

Not locking the doors

You may be giving the impression that your home is secure to passers-by- but if they are opportunists you aren't going to have a good day.

Forgetting to turn off a light before bed

How can anyone sleep with a light on?

Changing the heat to either too hot or cold

Put on a sweater or open a window!

Leaving electrical devices e.g straighteners on

Your hair may look incredible but your house wont when it's burned to the ground.

Not waking up to an alarm in the morning

If you don't wake up to your alarm- increase the volume or set another one that will wake you up!

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