Half of British couples are having regular fights over their clutter, arguing 32 times per year according to Big Yellow Self Storage. In London, the situation is much worse with couples arguing over once a week over ‘unnecessary’ items in their homes.

As a result Banner Homes have found that women are ruthless when it comes to their living space. They have just got all their own things in order, then their partner moves in with their man stuff and they inherit an excess of items that have sentimental value and so ‘must be kept’. The answer? Women get rid of things secretly so that their men won’t moan or find a stupid reason to keep the random piece of their past. Unfortunately if he finds out arguments do arise.

Commonly arguments over such as this result in women throwing way £241.50 worth of possessions that their partner would ideally like to keep such as clothes, furniture and books.

Some women will get rid of their partner’s things via a charity shop or the bin, and some will go to extreme lengths like ‘accidentily’ breaking something of theirs.

In worst case scenarios- couples will move back to their separate homes or even break up.

Some loved ones still see a 50/50 share of space as being important and many state that they have never had this equality in their areas of their home, some have had an imbalance all long and have the instinct to ‘guard their territory’ with little or no success.   


Magazine collections- They are probably porn mags anyway and what does he need with them when he has you?!

Old hobby collection/ toy cars etc. - Now they say a man’s mental age is 4 years less than a woman’s but 27 is pushing it a bit!

Clothes- That t shirt with the vajazzle like decoration on it- the one that made him look like you were his pulling buddy rather than his partner- gone.

DVDs/CDs- You have Netflix and Love Film with his entire collection on and all of his music is on his phone- what-is-the-actual-point?!

A sofa- Lord knows what disgusting things have happened on that thing- and men are not known for cleaning things well- so there is probably remnants of his ex on there! EWWW!

Sports memorabilia- The house is not a museum, and women hate sports- what did he think was going to happen to them?

A painting- It’s hideous and everyone thinks so but him. Don’t put it up for a while and he will forget it ever existed.

A chair- Bound to have been his masturbation chair of choice and it was also used for gaming; ingrained food and sperm are not my idea of a protective coating.

Stereo/ sound system- All you need is an I-pod dock- that-is-all.

Sports kit/ equipment- He hasn’t attempted to get fit in the four years you have known him so why clog up the house with aspirational ab equipment?!

Anjula Mutanda, counselling psychologist, comments: “Moving from ‘my own space’ to ‘our shared space’ can be thrilling, but this big step can also cause emotional stress. Why? Because your home is your sanctuary and reflects who you are, so inviting someone to live with you can feel a bit like being invaded by someone else’s belongings. This could result in subconscious ‘space guarding’ where you use your possessions to mark out your territory and any perceived violation of this by your partner could cause tensions.

“The key to a harmonious relationship is to work as a team. Communicate by discussing practicalities out in the open, negotiate what stays and what goes and be willing to compromise.  Deciding together how to create an equal and shared space will help to ensure that living together is an enjoyable and positive experience.”

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  1. by joio 22nd Feb 2014 10:03

    Correction: "Top 10 things women throw out belonging to their white western partner". Don't go generalising about things you don't know about please.

  2. by candy wilde 25th Feb 2014 05:35

    Still laughing!! don't forget to get rid of any sheets of his !!

  3. by espresso 25th Feb 2014 08:17

    Well some of the childhood toys, even old 78 vinyls, might be valuable so watch out for the backlash if you bin investment pieces never mind their sentimental value.

    In the past I've preferred to have a fresh start to intimacy in a new relationship. I don't tolerate old sex toys and, yuck, his old sheets, especially pillowcases or even picnic blankets as I don't want to even imagine where some of them have been or used with who knows who :oops: . I hate old soap-clogged razors, used dildos or butt-plugs and any tobacco-related stuff also got binned real fast. Old food in the freezer or cupboards goes the same way and so do any boxes of expired condoms - actually I've never ever been comfortable with moving in with a guy and finding a halfway-full box of unexpired rubbers or half used bottles and tubes of contraceptive foam or gels including her vaginal applicators (super yuck), so I've binned them all and gotten new ones for a fresh start. I've in the past heartily purged any and all already- opened sex lubes and if I've found the odd bra or knickers stuck away somewhere they've gone out very fast, too. Despite being clean, unopened and the expense I've gone so far, in one case, as to bin left- behind boxes of the ex-'s tampons, preferring instead to get completely new stuff into a newly ours bathroom and my night stand. (I heard later that she left in a big hurry and in the dark - oh and she was the ex- who left her nasty clitoral jewellery and an unopened pubic-shave stencil kit behind in his apartment).

    To be fair though I think that us gals could do more to bin all of our older panties and bras that no longer appeal or even fit from the back of our cupboards and, yes, get rid of the less expensive or even cheap jewellery we all gather over time. We could also get rid of old clothes more regularly and for heaven's sake if you move out of a guy's place for good then gals take your toothbrushes, your old half used make-up, ideally all of your underwear, your sex toys and your stuffed toys like teddybears and lavender colored bunnies, no matter how cute. Confession follows........

    I have (deliberately) left the odd thong and super-brief g-string (especially if he gave it to me) behind a couch or under a cushion, even waaay under the bed, hoping that the next lover finds them before he does :twisted: .

    All said and done the guy I'm with never had one item lying around for me to find that could have belonged to an ex. He'd cleared them all out if there were any and to me that is a sign of a decent and considerate fellow.

  4. by Red head mum 25th Feb 2014 20:23

    I never had the luxury of throwing out a partners things, when we met i took him away from his mummy and the only things he had was his bag of clothes and an old 1979 action man that was more ornament than toy and 23 years later i still dare not throw it out :mrgreen:

  5. by jinjin 25th Feb 2014 23:25

    I have never thrown away anything that belonged to my partner in secret. He still have every issue of Playboy magazine ever published. All the back issues he brought as collectables. He still has all his childhood toys. His still have his vinyl record collection that simply occupy space since everything he listens to is now on a media player. He loves his music, so he still uses his audio system and has it integrated with the video system. He is also active, so he still uses all his sports equipment. He still has all his sports trophies and metals. I got rid of all his old clothing but that was with his agreement.

  6. by Jessica Johnson 12th Jan 2015 16:52

    Definitely threw away his porn mags when I found them I was 5 months pregnant and I thought...how is he ever going to enjoy my body after wacking it to that photo shopped bull crap!! And I informed him his girls were going!!