Prince Harry

Prince Harry

Britain's Prince Harry has terrible table manners, according to his father Prince Charles.

The future king has joked his 28-year-old son - who is currently serving on the frontline in Afghanistan - can't use an knife and fork and prefers to tackle food with his hands.

Talking of a previous posting in the war-torn country, Charles told UK TV show 'This Morning': "Harry was attached to the Gurkhas, for which I have been Commander-in-Chief for about 35 years.

"I was joking and said to them: 'I have spent all these years trying to teach Harry to eat with a knife and fork and there you are with him pulling apart meat with your hands.' They were eating curried goat or something, I think."

Charles recently said he constantly worries about Harry when he's away serving his country but knows his son is doing a good job.

He said: "If you are a parent or relation to a loved one and that person is away in these incredibly dangerous and challenging circumstances, I know you worry all the time.

"Certainly every night I worry. But he [Prince Harry] loves doing what he's doing and he's brilliant at it."