Britain's Princess Anne was allegedly branded a "bitch" by the Prime Minister's wife, Cherie Blair, a new book has claimed. The royal is said to have fallen foul of Tony Blair's spouse after reportedly ignoring her at Queen Elizabeth II's Golden Jubilee celebrations in 2002, according to journalist Paul Scott in his book, 'Tony and Cherie, A Special Relationship'. Scott claims Princess Anne turned her back when Cherie said hello, prompting the premier's wife to snipe: "That bitch completely blanked me." According to the book, Cherie and Anne had not got on since meeting at Balmoral in 1997. It is believed when the Prime Minister's wife asked the princess to call her Cherie, but Anne replied: "Actually, let's not go that way. Let's stick to Mrs Blair, shall we?" Meanwhile, Cherie is reported to have branded the Queen's Balmoral estate "horrible". Scott claims in his book the renowned anti-monarchist hated being woken at 6am every morning by the sound of bagpipes, and loathed the unofficial dress code which required her to wear a skirt. Cherie is also said to have suffered an allergic reaction to all the stuffed animals in the royal home, and sources in the book allege she can't stand the Queen's pet corgi dogs. One insider is quoted as saying: "Cherie absolutely despises the creatures. She thinks it is disgusting that they hang around her feet at mealtimes."She also said it was bizarre that when they yap a footman would have to escort them outside, wait for them while they went to the toilet, and scoop up what they left behind."

However, a Downing Street spokesman has denied the new book's allegations, saying: "This is a mix of gossip and fantasy. It has been written by someone the Blairs have never heard of and who is unknown to anyone close to them."