Prince Charles

Prince Charles

Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster kept Britain's Prince Charles waiting yesterday (10.09.13).

The showbiz couple, who are both ambassadors of Charles' charity, missed the Prince of Wales open Tomorrow's Store in central London, which sells products designed by entrepreneurs helped by the Prince's Trust, after they got stuck in traffic and arrived ten minutes late.

Rod tried to make a joke of the situation by saying: "We have a place over in Wapping and it took us three-quarters of an hour to get here.

"I wish I had my own police escort, I would always be on time."

Penny then praised the work of the Trust, she said: "We both became ambassadors about 10 years ago. We are able to inspire and encourage our children, who have a strong support system and financial support. But what about the children that don't have that support system? The Prince's Trust is a real helping hand - it's fantastic."

Prince Charles was also presented with two gifts for his new grandson, Prince George, who was born in July, during the visit.