Prince Harry is competing with James Middleton over who can grow the best beard.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry

The 32-year-old royal has been sporting facial hair for a few months now and is keen to outdo sister-in-law Duchess Catherine's brother James.

The duchess - who is also known as Kate Middleton - and husband Prince William made the confession when they sailed on a ship during their recent tour of Canada.

Crew Member Steve Atkinson - who has a very impressive beard - revealed: "The duke said my beard was the most magnificent specimen he'd ever seen.

"The duchess was saying that both their brothers are competing on the beard-growing front.

"They asked how long I've been growing it and they loved it."

Harry was recently voted the world's hottest royal and many credited his new beard with helping him secure the title.

Asim Shahmalak, from Crown Clinic, commented: "Prince Harry is our most popular young royal and it is great to see that he has now been voted the world's number one Prince Charming, too.

"He is a fun guy and is great at selling Britain all over the world.

"The other fun finding from the poll is that it was won by a ginger-haired man. You don't find many Hollywood leading men who are redheads but Harry shows that it is a very attractive hair colour.

"I think Harry's whole look has been enhanced by his recent beard which really suits him."