Zoella turned down the chance to meet Prince Harry.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry

The YouTube sensation was invited to go and spend some time with the 32-year-old royal but she declined because she was suffering from anxiety.

She explained to Cosmopolitan magazine: "I was too scared.. I'm working on this anxiety thing but I'm not quite ready for that. Hopefully he will invite me back."

She added: "Sorry Prince Harry."

If she had have met Harry, the 26-year-old star - whose real name is Zoe Suggs - could've asked about his choice of decor in his home as it was recently revealed he had painted the walls pink.

Joa Studholme, a colour consultant for paintmaker Farrow & Ball, said: "How can I say this very discreetly it was a young prince, the youngest. Not William and not George. Very strong colours, very contemporary. He had lots of greys and lovely pinks. You'd be surprised actually."

However, the flame-haired hunk's decision to paint his walls pink didn't come as a shock to Mrs Studholme - who charges £250 an hour - as she believes the feminine colour is "absolutely the big thing in decorating at the moment."

She explained: "It's all about everything being pink. I can tell you exactly why it's so popular. Pink is popular because I think we led these very, very busy lives, very flat-screened... we have iPads. Everything is flat, hard, pink just just gives you a big hug. These colours are just are so tender and blushy, you go home and sort of sink into them and they go fanatically well with copper and... copper is obviously very, very popular. I just think it's the whole thing about too much technology and we are going back to our routes with pink."

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