Prince Harry's romantic getaway with Meghan Markle has increased interest in holidays in Norway.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry

The 32-year-old royal and the brunette beauty recently travelled to the little-known village of Tromvik for a winter vacation, and according to Google Trends, their break has coincided with a spike in interest in vacations to the Scandinavian country.

Indeed, data has shown that web searches for Tromvik Lodge - the luxury apartment where the Prince stayed - and its surrounds have surged by more than 200 percent.

What's more, interest in the currency exchange rate has risen by 300 percent, underlining the influence of the British royal and the 'Suits' actress.

Earlier this week, a local revealed that Prince Harry and Meghan, 35, were "very discreet" during their romantic getaway.

Despite being among the most recognisable couples in the world, the duo managed to keep a low profile, according to Tromvik local Julie Lilanda.

She said: "They were very discreet."

Meanwhile, another local, Stig Jakobsen, explained why it is the perfect location for a romantic vacation.

He said: "It's a very picturesque spot with a panoramic view of the ocean.

"At this time of year the bay is literally full of whales - a ridiculous amount of whales, because they come in to eat the herring, which swim into the fjords near there.

"It is very popular with winter tourists because of the Northern Lights and the whales, of which we have an enormous amount. You can basically go in boats to within 10 feet of a huge whale. So it is quite spectacular."

The British royal has been dating Meghan since May last year, but has remained tight-lipped about their burgeoning relationship.

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