Princess Diana was "the greatest ambassador" the world has ever had, according to superfan Jo Dobson.

Princess Diana

Princess Diana

Jo has a huge collection of memorabilia relating to the Princess of Wales and praised the late royal for doing "so much" in her short life.

She said: "Diana meant the world to me and my husband. I think she was the greatest ambassador we've ever had. She did so much in her short life, more than anyone would do in a lifetime."

Jo is also a big fan of Duchess Catherine, who is married to Diana's son Prince William.

She added: "What I like about Kate is when there's children she'll get down to them, but there'll never be another Diana. Di was Di - as much as we like Kate.

"Someone said to me she might turn up at the exhibition, I said she won't. They're too busy. But Earl Spencer knows about the exhibition. The boys know.

"They've said congratulations. They hope it goes very well. He said to us, 'Hundreds and thousands of people love my sister but you're fanatical'. We said, 'We know, but we'll never change.'"

Jo has finally finished adding to her collection as she has run out of space and knows it is worth "thousands".

She added: "We had to stop. There comes a time when you've run out of room on the wall. We've spent thousands but she was worth it."