The late Princess of Wales' letters have sold for over £15,000.

Princess Diana

Princess Diana

Princess Diana - who tragically passed away in Paris, France, in 1997 aged 36 years old - has had six of her handwritten cards and notes, which she had exchanged with the late Buckingham Palace Steward, Cyril Dickman, sold for approximately five times more than the estimated sale price, according to the Belfast Telegraph.

The six penned pieces, including one letter which details Diana's youngest child's, Prince Harry, 32, mischievous ways at school, which sold for over £2,000.

The letter read: "[Harry and William] are well and enjoying boarding school a lot, although Harry is constantly in trouble."

Whilst the flame-haired hunk has been credited with a playful sentiment, his older brother the Duke of Cambridge was described as having more of a soft and gentle sentiment, as he used to "swamp" his younger sibling with love when he was younger.

In the card to the late royal worker dated in 1984, which reached over £3,000 and exceeded the estimated value of £400 to £600, it said: "William adores his little brother and spends the entire time swamping Harry with an endless supply of hugs and kisses."

And Diana joked Prince Williams overt affection to Harry made it difficult for her and her former partner Prince of Wales go near him.

She added: "[William's] hardly letting the parents near.

"The reaction to one tiny person's birth has totally overwhelmed us and I can hardly breathe for the mass of flowers that are arriving here!"

Meanwhile, Cyril - who worked for the royal family for over three decades - has been credited as a "favourite" person of the Royal Family.

A spokesperson for the Cambridge auction house Cheffins, where the items were sold, previously said: "[Cyril's] a favourite of every member of the Royal Family".

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