Queen Elizabeth is reportedly "very disciplined" when it comes to food.

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth

The 90-year-old monarch may be able to eat just about anything she wants to, but her former chef Darren McGrady has said the royal likes to keep things simple when it comes to meals, and doesn't often eat starch based foods.

He said: "One [thing] is that she's very disciplined. For lunch, it would probably be something like grilled fish with some salad. She wouldn't have potatoes. Or when she's on her own for lunch, she doesn't have the starch. She just does the protein and the salad."

And Darren also claimed the Queen is very frugal when it comes to food and recalled one instance when a chef reportedly sent a whole lemon as a garnish to a dish, claiming that the Queen sent it back down to be used in a future dish so as not to waste it.

But Queen Elizabeth's discipline reportedly doesn't extend to sweet snacks, as Darren claims the monarch is a chocoholic.

He told Women's Wear Daily magazine: "She loved chocolate so much, she'd give it up for Lent."

It isn't the first time Darren has spoken about the Queen's sweet tooth either, as he previously claimed she was addicted to his chocolate biscuit cake.

He said: "Now the chocolate biscuit cake is the only cake that goes back again and again and again everyday until it's all gone.

"She'll take a small slice every day until eventually there is only one tiny piece, but you have to send that up, she wants to finish the whole of that cake."

And he also once dubbed the monarch as a "major chocoholic".

He claimed: "The queen is a major chocoholic, particularly dark chocolate, so she always has a chocolate treat on Christmas. She also loves mint."

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