Queen Elizabeth is returning to London today (10.10.17) after spending nearly three months at Balmoral Castle.

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth

The 91-year-old Monarch is set to carry on her royal duties at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle, having spent an extended period of time at her residence in Scotland.

The move to enjoy more time at Balmoral is part of a long-term plan, dubbed the Scottish plan, for the Queen to spend an increasing amount of her time north of the border.

A source explained to the Daily Express newspaper: "She loves Scotland, it has always been a great comfort to her, where she is happiest and most relaxed. She's a different person up there. Everyone will play it by ear but the feeling is the Scottish plan will be what she wants to do."

What's more, it's been claimed that the Queen believes her actual geographic location is immaterial.

And the rota of her staff has been organised in such a way that she always has key figures around her, irrespective of where she may be.

The insider added: "She knows you can look through a red box [for Government papers], have an audience and host a reception anywhere."

The Queen and her husband, Prince Philip, are increasingly handing over more and more of their official duties to other, younger members of the royal family.

Prince Charles, for instance, has increased his official overseas visits, because the Queen no longer does long haul journeys.

And as a result, she's now able to spend six months of the year at Buckingham Palace.