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15 July 2014

The Haunted Castle Part 5

My dearest, troubled Spot, Aunt Alice here. Did you fall from the battlements and hit your head? Although I have been away for quite sometime I have never abandoned you, Spot, nor ...
9 July 2014

The Haunted Castle Part 4

Myrtle’s Diary. I managed to get hold of Little Willie on several occasions, and turned up gold. A shattered piece of prototype space rocket, with not only the Virgin insignia on ...
30 June 2014

The Haunted Castle Part 3

Dearest beloved, thoughtful, Tracey, What an absolute joy and fountain of wisdom you are! Who would have realised that the problem preventing your communications to me for so long would have led ...

21 May 2014

The Haunted Castle Part 2

Part Two Dear young Spot, That is what I wish to address first, your age! I am highly flattered that you should take such a vigorous interest in me, but at sixteen years ...
23 April 2014

The Haunted Castle Part 1

PROLOGUE   A short update on the previous saga of Aunt Alice and Spot. Intended for those that have forgotten, or, for those who would like to forget the cost of their ...
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