Sex expert at Lovehoney, Hella Walkington, has helped us put together some of the best sex toys on the market for beginners and tells us why they’re getting rated so highly!

The Lovehoney Multispeed Super Smoothie Vibrator

The best place for a woman to start is experimenting with her own pleasure -  it’s going to take some trial and error to find what really revs your engine.

Vibrators and other vibrating sex toys tend to be the most popular sex toys for women as they provide intense stimulation that can be applied directly to the clitoris to accelerate you to climax faster than most other kinds of stimulation can manage.

The Lovehoney Multispeed Super Smoothie Vibrator is a great first vibrator for beginners as it offers adjustable stimulation that is impressively powerful on the highest speeds and can be used for both vaginal and clitoral stimulation.

Tracey Cox’s Supersex Bullet Vibrator

According to research undertaken at the Kinsey Institute, as few as 30% of women can orgasm through penetrative sex alone - the other 70% require additional stimulation too. The best way to improve your chances of orgasm during sex is to spend plenty of time on foreplay, but you’ll increase your chances even more if you’re able to enjoy clitoral stimulation during penetration.

Tracey Cox’s Supersex Bullet Vibrator is the ideal first-time sex toy for women wanting to take charge of their orgasms in the bedroom. A bullet vibrator that’s small enough to be used clitorally while in most sex positions, providing that much-needed extra stimulation to nudge you into climax mode.

Mio by Je Joue Rechargeable Vibrating Cock Ring

Another way to improve your chances of orgasm during penetrative sex is for him to wear a vibrating cock ring. These clever little rings act in two ways to help improve your chances of climax.

Firstly they help to prolong the duration of his erection and delay his climax, offering you longer-lasting lovemaking to boost your climactic chances. Secondly, the vibration can be felt both through his penis and against the clitoris, enhancing your stimulation and making it more likely you’ll orgasm.

The Mio by Je Joue Rechargeable Vibrating Cock Ring has received consistently high acclaim as one of the best vibrating cock rings for couples. Both men and women have championed its abilities to enhance their pleasure in the bedroom. The rechargeable motor makes it incredibly eco-friendly, cutting your costs in the long run.

Lovehoney Intense Double Stroker

Although vibrating cock rings are becoming more commonplace in the bedroom, male sex toys are still a long way from being mainstream. You can level the playing field by investing in sex toys that are designed especially for him, allowing him to become more comfortable with the idea of using toys in the bedroom as a pleasure enhancement for you both, not just for you.

The Lovehoney Intense Double Stroker has a couple-friendly design and packaging that doesn’t look too overwhelming while delivering some excellent foreplay-enhancing sensation that feels nothing like he’s felt before.

Bringing a stroker to the bedroom will not only enhance his physical pleasure, it will also help you to assert your sexual confidence by taking control of his pleasure in a new and exciting way.

We-Vibe 3 Rechargeable Remote Control Clitoral and G-spot Vibrator

Another sex toy that helps to bring home the message of mutual pleasure is the We-Vibe 3 Rechargeable Remote Control Clitoral and G-spot Vibrator.

This innovative couple’s vibrator has been designed for wearing during sex, snuggly resting against your G-spot and clitoris while he slips in beneath it.

Another mutually-beneficial sex toy, We-Vibe 3 offers direct clitoral stimulation that’s accentuated by his movements while you in turn feel tighter to him. The six powerful vibration modes intensify things even more, assuring you’ll both have a night to remember.

Lovehoney Tease Me Soft Satin Blackout Blindfold

Sexual experimentation requires confidence and one of the reasons we can shy away from talking about sex or trying something new is self-consciousness. You can help alleviate nerves in the bedroom by bringing a blindfold into the mix. I designed the Lovehoney Tease Me Soft Satin Blackout Blindfold to assure that your partner won’t be able to sneak any peeks once it’s on.

Placing a blindfold over your partner’s eyes is quite a dominant move to make, but once it’s in place you can jig a Cockney walkabout while crossing your eyes and he won’t have a clue what you’re up to.

Equally wearing a blindfold can help you relax into pleasure and help you feel less self-aware, so it’s great for women who suffer from anxiety when the sexual attention is all on them. Knowing you’re not been visually critiqued can be a real alleviation of nerves for many couples, so if you’re after that little bit of extra confidence you should try investing in a blindfold.

Ami by Je Joue 3 Step Kegel System

Ever since Fifty Shades of Grey exploded in a flurry of ‘Oh mys’ and yet ‘another firsts’, women have been going crazy for silver balls, better known as Ben Wa balls or Jiggle Balls. What you might not know is that these sex toys can also be used as Kegel exercisers, a set of weights designed to give your vagina and surrounding muscles a full workout.

My favourite set is the Ami by Je Joue 3 Step Kegel System as it really does offer something for everyone. There are 3 separate exercisers that represent different levels of ability, starting with the largest and lightest and working up to the smallest and heaviest. The exercises are really easy to do and don’t take up much time and for your efforts you’ll benefit from increased vaginal tone, better bladder control and stronger, longer-lasting orgasms.

Best of all they’re really enjoyable to wear. Pop in an Ami before a bus ride, run, exercise class or dancing session and enjoy intense G-spot stimulation as the free-roaming weights bounce, jiggle and massage you to better-toned muscles.

Earthly Body Strawberry Lickable Massage Candle

Wax play often crops up in early sexual experimentation with painful results. Not with the Earthly Body Strawberry Lickable Massage Candle.

Not only does the candle light and dreamy scent set the mood for an incredibly romantic night in, the wax melts into a warm oil that can be poured onto the skin and used for a sensual erotic massage. The low melting point assures that the wax doesn’t get too hot.

Cupid’s Itty Bitty Beginner’s Butt Plug

Anal has a bit of a bad rep and this mainly down to misinformation. Many women’s first experience of anal sex is a guy trying to slip it in on the sly, which is never going to go down too well. Anal sex can be an amazing part of your sex life if it’s undertaken with just a little forethought.

The two main rules are thus: 1. Use plenty of lube and 2. Take it slowly and gradually. Cupid’s Itty Bitty Beginner’s Butt Plug has teeny-tiny proportions but still provides an impressive enhancement to your sexual enjoyment.

Wearing a butt plug is not only a step toward enjoying anal sex with your partner, it also helps to improve the intensity of your orgasms during wear. Try wearing this beginner’s butt plug during regular sex and masturbation to see if it can improve your climactic pleasure.

Lovehoney Sexier Life Starter Pack

If you’re planning a naughty weekend away or perhaps a special anniversary surprise as your big introduction to sex toys, the Lovehoney Sexier Life Starter Pack will set you in good stead. Containing a male stroker, a vibrating cock ring, a bullet vibrator, a bottle of lube and a bottle of sex toy cleaner, it contains lots of my favourite beginner’s sex toys in one neat package...batteries included.

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