We-Vibe 4

We-Vibe 4

The We-Vibe 4 is the hottest new sex toy on the market and so I was keen to find out what all the fuss was about- and I’m delighted I did!

I have found sex toys designed for couples quite clumsy in the past, which have resulted in them being cast aside in favour of a good old fashioned sex-toy-free romp!

Once we got to terms with the remote on the We-Vibe 4, which controls the different levels of vibration and turning it on and off, we found it really easy to use.

Inserting something inside you as well as your partner is a little strange at first, but the design of the toy means the smaller curve of the device slips easily behind the pelvis and the larger part sits snugly between your lips and directly on the clitoris.

With the help of lots of lube your new toy and your man can fit in easily and before your know it you are away!

My partner liked the vibrations against his manhood, which was completely new to him and I enjoyed the fact that everything was taken care of and I could concentrate on the sex! My one tip would be that it’s much better with you on top! Your partner can enjoy the deep thrusts while your g-spot and clitoris get a lot of attention!

Many women can’t come from just penetrative sex and I am one of them! The We-Vibe 4 is perfect for me and I’m sure will be a saving grace for many women who are not among the lucky ones, who can come from vaginal sex alone.

It’s completely waterproof too, so great in the shower if you want to take your sexual play out of the bedroom!

Afterwards it is also easy to clean and the device is entirely waterproof and smooth, so no messy crevices to try and clean up with your sex toy wipes! 

It is also USB rechargeable so you don’t have that awkward moment of having to find batteries for your device, only to steal them from the TV remote! 

Overall, this new sex toy is an absolute blessing for any couple that want to try something new or any women that wants to take away the worry of her or her partner having to get her off while having sex.

-A happy customer! 

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