Travelling the world

Travelling the world

Where to go in 2013?  It seems that tourism has reached many corners of the world, however, there are still some great places, untouched by commercialisation, as well as some that are continuing to grow in popularity, that we highly recommend for a holiday in 2013.

8 Must-Visit Destinations for 2013

Changsha, Chinayakobusan, Flickr

As everybody knows, China will be the next superpower and its tourism is shooting through the roof. Although Beijing and Shanghai dominate the markets, the city of Changsha, in the Hunan province, has decided to join the game.

The world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, will be topped by China’s Sky City by March 2013. Although the plans have come under some criticism and many suspect that the building will not be ready in time, China is constantly fast moving and still the place to be for 2013.

Tallinn, Estonia and Riga, LatviaWhile Prague and Budapest became the alternative European cities for the past few years, they have slowly become a standard destination and, well, a bit predictable. Although not discrediting the capitals of Czech and Hungary, for those looking to be one step ahead of the game, Tallinn and Riga are the places to be.

Although fairly small cities, they offer a good collection of European staples, such as art, food and architecture, with fairly cheap prices and a lack of mainstream commercialisation.

Abu Dhabi, UAEWhile everybody flocks to Dubai, be the one to try out its alternative bigger brother, Abu Dabhi - United Arab Emirates’ capital and the world’s richest city. Quickly developing, both physically and culturally, the city holds back from the glitz and glam of Dubai, offering more sophistication.  

SingaporeWell, in a quick summary, Singapore is astonishing. The accolades for the country go on and on. The city-state is the third richest country in the world, it is one of the least corrupt and has the world’s highest percentage of millionaires. However, the country also boasts a democratic and healthy welfare system and has very low poverty and unemployment rates.

Singapore is culturally diverse and widely accepts tourists, with just over 10 million visiting each year. With low infancy rates, the Singaporean government are calling out for immigrants, so if you like it enough, you may just decide to stay.

Astana, KazakhstanKazakhstan hardly ever enters the conscience of western tourists and is unfortunately most famous to us from the film Borat - none of which was actually filmed in Kazakhstan, but in Georgia.

Astana, its capital city, however, boasts futuristic architecture, a varied culture and a strong economy. Drop the perceptions of carts and rickshaws and experience a country that is firmly in the 21st century.

Masai Mara and Nairobi, KenyaEast Africa’s most important city has had a checkered past, but its political and economic stability is growing, allowing for safer tourism. With its historical British connections, adapting to the surroundings and culture is often comfortable and the ability to explore both city and safari without too much difficulty puts Nairobi high on the list for wildlife destinations.

Delphi, GreeceWhile Greece goes through financial meltdown, its history, culture and tourist attractions remain the same. There have been reports of social conflicts, but they are often few and far between and isolated in particular areas. Tourists should take advantage of cheap packages and fly out for budget family breaks.

Also, with your tourism, comes your money, so local restaurants and businesses will appreciate your presence that little more, so you can expect a good service.

Istanbul, TurkeyAlthough Turkey is already a popular tourist destination for Brits, the recent filming of blockbusters, Skyfall and Taken 2 in its capital has reignited a flame for many of us to go revisit Istanbul.

Unlike many other entries on this list, Istanbul’s tourism is already established and stable, but with many of us choosing other European destinations in recent years, it’s about time we rekindled our love affair with Turkey.

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James Mellan @jamesmellan1

  1. by Balticbooker 04th Jan 2013 12:15

    Riga is really nice place to visit

  2. by Christean 15th Dec 2014 04:49

    Female First! Nice posts all of these mentioned places are the best destinations for a perfect family holiday, but accod\rding to me New York, Paris, London, Las Vegas are also some of the most amazing places for family holidays.

  3. by Brown 17th Dec 2014 04:29

    Las Vegas is one of my favorite destinations for a family holiday. I love to visit this state in vacations with my family because it offers a wide range of parks and fun spots to enjoy. Disneyland is one of my most favorite theme parks there.

  4. by albraka g 22nd Dec 2014 06:39

    If we talk about the Asian destinations then I would like to prefer the Shimla for travel and enjoyment in winter and if we talk about the Europe then I think Niagara Falls is the best place to see the natural beauty of this region. Is there any member who visited these both places.