Ruby Wax travel interview

How often do you fly – to where, from where

Very often – my middle name is Tax free! I am a frequent flyer and fly at least once a month from Heathrow, going too all sorts of places from India and Italy, to Bhutan and Maontana.

I have been writing travel articles recently too so have an even greater need to fly out of the country at a moments notice – though I equally love family holidays. Heathrow is convenient for me as I live in West London.

How much time do you allow before check in – do you get there early or not

At least 2 hrs so I can shop! I love shopping at the airport as all the staff are really friendly and helpful – and relaxed too! It always seems less stressed than the high street as you can wander round in a more chilled environment.

The airport also has a personal shopper which is great fun – plus tax free prices so more often than not everything is great value.

What do you do between check-in and departure

Shop! Always – and anything from books and music to make up, clothes, fragrances, beauty and food! I love having a wander round for holiday essentials.

How do you pack – light, everything, carry on bags only, lots checked in

Very quickly – am an expert packer! Have in the past packed for the wrong season by mistake (went skiing and took summer things by mistake so had to buy lots of clothes at the airport). I can pack in no time and try to pack lightly where possible.

Travel tips – planning, packing, stuff to do on the flight, things you couldn’t travel without

Always always take moisturiser on the flight – it is so drying on the skin. I couldn’t fly without La Prairie moisturiser, which I always stock up on at the airport – it is brilliant. I never travel without a good book or tow and love buying travel books to read up on my next destination.

Pre-holiday beauty tips – treatments and products

As above – La Prairie product – moisturing is the key. I do drink lots of water too – but allow myself the odd glass of wine – as long as I re-hydrate with water too. I think it I important not to get too stressed before you go away so a facial plus any la prairie products are a good idea!

Favourite shops – airport, high street, overseas boutiques

I think Escada is a lovely shop with bright and bold patterns and colours. Burberry is great – love their red mac at the moment. Chanel is lovely – specially the shoes and Bally shoes and bags I love aswell. World Duty Free & Beauty Studio are where I always get my beauty essentials, sunglasses and anything else I have forgotten before I fly out.

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