These are TripAdvisor's 8 most expensive hotels worldwide

These are TripAdvisor's 8 most expensive hotels worldwide

With Autumn transitioning into winter many of us will be dreaming of lying on a secluded beach of some far-flung paradise island. Everyone likes to imagine where they would go if money was no object and their holiday budget was one rival Beyonce and Jay-Z, so TripAdvisor has pulled together this list of some of the most expensive hotels in the world to give the day dreamer in you some inspiration.

TripAdvisor spokesperson, Emma Shaw, said: “This list of extravagant hotels showcases the ultimate in luxury and opulence on holiday. While it would require the bank balance of someone rich and famous to stay in most of these hotels for every holiday, for those looking to have a one-off holiday of a life time, this selection may serve as fitting inspiration."

8 Most Expensive Hotels:

Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle - Chiang Saen, ThailandOffers luxury tented accommodations in the bamboo jungle of the Chiang Rai province in Thailand. The resort offers three to four day treks where travellers can ride elephants and see how the hilltop tribes in the province live. As one TripAdvisor traveller commented, “It's like going camping in the jungle in the highest possible luxury you can imagine."

Prices around £1,055 per night.

Jumby Bay, A Rosewood Resort - Antigua, CaribbeanSet on a 300 acre private island, the resort is located two miles off the coast of Antigua and offers an array of rooms and suites which feature wrap-around terraces with views of the Caribbean Sea, private outdoor gardens and a private pool. As one TripAdvisor traveller commented, “Incredible. Excellent service. Huge, clean, modern suites. Delicious food.”

Prices around £652 per night.

Anantara Kihavah Villas - Baa Atoll, MaldivesThis luxury resort in the Maldives offers guests a private infinity pool, just steps from the ocean, an underwater restaurant and a private stretch of the beach. As one TripAdvisor traveller commented, “This is the most amazing resort I have ever stayed at.”

Prices around £987 per night.

Burj Al Arab - Dubai, United Arab EmiratesThis hotel was designed to resemble a billowing sail and stands at a height of 321 metres, dominating the Dubai skyline. The Burj Al Arab offer in-suite check-in, private reception desks on every floor and a brigade of highly trained butlers to give guests the ultimate personal experience. As one TripAdvisor traveller commented, “Spending one night at Burj Al Arab is one of those once in a lifetime experiences.”

Prices around £942 per night.

Longitude 131 - Yulara, AustraliaLocated at the gateway of the dual World Heritage listed Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, this resort offers the ultimate Australian outback experience. Longitude 131 boasts just 15 luxurious tents, all with private views of world-famous Ayers Rock. As one TripAdvisor traveller commented, “I have been fortunate to stay in many wonderful places. This ranks #1 for me.”

Prices around £1,134 per night.

Hotel Le Toiny - St. Barthelemy, CaribbeanSet on a slope overlooking the bay of Toiny and the Caribbean Sea, each bungalow in this resort has its own gated entrance and red mailbox flag that serves as a “Do Not Disturb” sign for the ultimate privacy. As one TripAdvisor traveller commented, “Just returned from a 6 night stay at Le Toiny. It was everything I imagined it would be and more. Service was exceptional.”

Prices around £547 per night.

Naladhu Resort Maldives - South Male Atoll, MaldivesLocated on the island of Velighandu Huraa, Each of the 19 private houses at Naladhu boats a dressing room, open-air bath, steam room and garden rain shower, private plunge pool and garden with hardwood deck.As one TripAdvisor traveller commented, “Naladhu is an ideal place to relax and to forget about the rest of the world.”

Prices around £819 per night.

Maia Luxury Resort & Spa Seychelles - Mahe Island, SeychellesThis resort is surrounded by 12-acres of gardens which feature spices such as cinnamon, and exotic flowers such as orchids, blossoming hibiscus and heliconias. Located on a private peninsula on the island of Mahe in the Seychelles, the resort offers villa accommodation and guests are appointed their own personal butler on arrival. As one TripAdvisor traveller commented, “Amazing views, villas with a touch of fantasy, prize-winning gardens, a top butler service....pure tranquility.”

Prices around £863 per night.

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*This list of most expensive hotels in the world was selected by highest price per night in the world based on the average price given on TripAdvisor. Hotels featured have at least 30 reviews on TripAdvisor and a minimum bubble rating of 4 out of 5. Some properties were selected by TripAdvisor editors.

**Prices according to TripAdvisor on 7th November 2012.

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